Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some Questions for Wilson

I could have predicted a few months ago that Heather Wilson would, in the Spirng of 2006 when she saw the competative race she had against Patricia Madrid, express outrage over something that the Bush Administration had done. It was bound to happen, it was just a matter of when and what topic. She's "outraged" at the US's spying operation and like her "outrage" over Janet Jackson or Firestone tires a couple of years back she's gone to the national media to express it.

So, I have some questions for Heather Wilson, that any reporter worth his salt should ask:

1. Didn't you serve at one time under the National Security Agency? Under Condoleezza Rice?

2. When you wrote a letter to the Attorney General in December about the spying issues, where was your "outrage?" Where was the press release?

3. How long have you served on the House Intelligence committee, which has oversight over the US's intelligence budget/operations and if this spying operation has been going on for a few years, where was your oversight?

4. You seem very concerned about the US screwing up it's intelligence gathering, so, when the Administration screwed up Iraq intelligence and Colin Powell embarrassed himself in from of the entire UN, were you outraged then?

5. How come you didn't use your position on the Intelligence committee then to question the US intelligence operations?

6. You have a Master's in international studies, went to Oxford, and worked in the millitary/intelligence community -- doesn't this kind of poor intelligence gathering that has been going on for 5 years offend you and members of your profession? Or do you think it is perfectly acceptable?

7. You seem smart and like being in Congress, but are you paying attention up there? Got your mind on something else?