Thursday, November 17, 2005

Green Party Eyeing WIlson-Madrid Race

Word comes that the Green Party is on a recruitment hunt for a candidate to run for Heather Wilson's seat. Are they running against Heather? Not really, they're running against Patricia Madrid. The Greens have a long standing vendetta against Madrid because she ruled against their party status a few years back.

Unfortunate that the Greens, who talk about being a party of principles, throw up a candidate against Wilson not because they disagree with her on the issues or with Madrid on the issues but becasue they want to get back at someone who crossed their party.

Sounds like old time politics to me. I'm sure Wilson is grinning like a chesire cat hearing this news.


Blogger Colfax Observer said...

The Green's are the folks who gave us 8 years of Gary Johnson. What a pity that they do this. Not a viable 3rd party. I don't think it ever was, and for sure it isn't now!

They may be Republicans, who knows.

6:16 AM  
Blogger phat-chance said...

Is there a web presence for Patsy Madrid yet (other than the AG site)?

9:43 AM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

Not yet. I would assume it will come in the next few weeks

8:14 PM  
Blogger breakthrough said...

The Greens didn't give us 8 years of Johnson. The Democrats did that themselves with candidates that weren't really different from the Repugs. No Green ran against Johnson the second time, and the Dems put up Mayor Marty. As the Jimmy Buffet song goes, "some people claim, that the Green Party's to blame, but I know...It's my own damn fault."

With that, the Democrats seemed to have caught on, and now there is a progressive presence in the party. Unfortunately the Greens were not able to reach out beyond their White Middle Class hipster enclaves, and are going down. Let's hope the Dems can keep a progressive presence, and Madrid will speak out against the Iraq War, and not be a Richard Romero technocrat.

11:22 PM  
Blogger PandNH4 said...

The Greens don't have a vendetta against Madrid. We just don't want to see a politician who treated people and the electoral process with utter contempt elevated to a position where she can do even more harm to participatory democracy.

If you think that the present cabal of civil-liberty quashing pols are a danger to democracy why would anyone want to see yet another obstructionist in office. Madrid's rulings on third party status issues were unprecidented and transparently partisan.

I would argue more that the Dems are running a vendetta against Wilson, who at least now is showing some impressive inclination to stand up to Bush & Co. despite her other shortcomings.

Since when has it become a crime to have healthy competition in a political race anyhow?

12:39 PM  
Blogger El Capitan said...

I couldn't agree with this post more. Additionally I'll throw in my own experience with the greens, I once was a member during my youthful days in college not to long ago. Only to see the party digress into demopublican crap like the major parties. Case in point Abe Guttmann was the cofounder of the Green Party of NM. When he wrote in to the SF New Mexican saying he was voting for Udall over Carol Miller, he was subsequently tossed out of the party and barred from participation in any meetings. The Green party may be an alternative but not a very good one as of yet...

4:01 PM  
Blogger Iza Roberto said...

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