Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ex-Rep Duke Cunningham Very Good to Wilson, Pearce

In a tearful resignation press conference reminiscent of, well, any of Heather Wilson’s forced crying episodes, Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham gave up his Congressional seat as he pled guilty to tax evasion, conspiracy and fraud.

And as another Republican Congressman faces the Courts, we start to hear about all the awful things they’ve done. And then we ask ourselves, hmm I wonder what their relationship was to our own members of Congress here in New Mexico? And if they, let’s say, contributed to our New Mexican Congresspeople -- were the funds they used to contribute to our members generated by their illegal activity? Hmm, we wonder . . . .

And now we know that ex-Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham was pretty generous to our own New Mexico Members of Congress Heather Wilson and Congressman Stevan Pearce.

Duke Cunningham gave $1000 to Wilson in 1998 and his PAC, the “American Prosperity PAC” gave $3000 to Wilson in 2004 and $1000 to Wilson in 2000. So, Wilson’s campaign was the beneficiary of $5,000 from Duke Cunningham’s committees. Wilson and Cunningham also sit on the House Intelligence committee together (until Cunningham resigned).

Congressman Steve Pearce received $1000 from Duke Cunningham’s campaign in 2003 and $2000 from Cunningham’s PAC in 2002. So, Pearce received $3000 from Duke Cunningham sources.

It has been alleged that Cunningham traded favors for campaign contributors. Contributions from Cunningham’s accounts made it into Wilson and Pearce’s campaign accounts.

So, will Wilson and Pearce return the contributions they received from Duke Cunningham? Wilson sent back about a quarter of the money she received from indicted House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Now that Cunningham has pled guilty, will she do the same?


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