Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Wilson-DeLay Connection Gets Interesting

After I blogged a couple of weeks ago that Heather Wilson should return the almost $50,000 that she has received from Majority Leader Tom DeLay's PAC "Americans for a Republican Majority" (ARMPAC) Wilson returned $10,00o received from DeLay's PAC this election cycle. DeLay is under indictment for two counts associated with his management of the non-federal Republicans for a True Majority" Texas state PAC.

I'm not sure how returning the $10,000 she received this year is satisfactory. Aren't the allegations against DeLay covering a period prior to 2005. Isn't that the tainted money more than the money from '05?

Check out and read about the connections between DeLay's PACs (and look at Wilson's contributions from DeLay). What is interesting is that the PAC that is the source of DeLay's indictments and the PAC that contributed regularly to Wilson were housed in the same office and had many of the same contributors. It only stands to reason that some of the violations dogging Delay in the Texas PAC troubles would appear in the management of the Federal PAC (ARMPAC). Jeez, they were housed in the same office.

Even more interesting is the amount contributed by Enron execs to DeLays' Federal PAC. Those are funds that made their way from DeLay's PAC to Wilson's campaign. Isn't that more reason to return the money?

Finally, Since she first ran for Congress in 1998, Wilson has received the maximum she was allowed to receive from DeLay's PAC. Heather constantly claims she is her own woman and that she is not the President's or Tom DeLay's gal. That's what she says but not what she does. It appears that not only does she take every penny she can from Tom DeLay, but she only returns it when she's caught.

How will Wilson react to the DeLay scandal? She's got three options:

1. Return ALL the DeLay money and disassociate herelf from this pariah, Tom DeLay.
2. Keep all the money and claim that returning $10,000 out of $50,0000 is somehow sufficient.

Wilson will probably take option #2. And with her usual attitude, she'll claim that the $10,000 is sufficient, she's independent and no one can tell her what to do becasue she's smarter than everyone else and voters back home don't understand Washington. That's the Heather we know.


Blogger Martin said...

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Blogger Political Guru said...


You are a disgrace. You screwed up all the important facts again. The biggest mistake you made is tieing the money he recieved to the money he handed out. They aren't related and there are no investigations forthcoming on past issues. This is about Redistricting... period.

If you weren't such a left wing nut job someone might take you seriously. Everyone in New Mexico who understands politics knows you are worse than a fraud.

Please write about something you actually know about.

1:11 PM  

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