Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wilson-Connection to Indicted Lobbyist Abramoff

Jack Abramoff is a DC lobbyist who has been indicted for his involvement with laundering money for/from Indian tribes and conservative groups. Abramoff was notorious for sending members of Congress on junkets to Scotland with laundered money. Abramoff is associated with mobsters, Tyco execs and other nefarious characters. His scandal has rocked the DC lobbying world.

Basically, Abramoff has become emblematic of the corrupt culture in Washington and everything that is wrong with the way lobbyists conduct themselves in DC and try to wield their influence.

Abramoff’s scandal is, many think, connected to the Tom DeLay scandal in that Abramoff and DeLay did business together and they shared associates. DeLay called Abramoff “One of my closest and dearest friends.”

I’ve blogged about the amount of money that Congresswoman Wilson has taken from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but I didn’t look into the money Wilson has taken from Jack Abramoff.

In 2002, Wilson took a $1,000 personal contribution from Abramoff. In 2004,2002 and 1998, she took a total $2,500 in contributions from Abramoff’s lobbying PAC for the Greenberg, Traurig law form. Funny, no one else from the law firm contributed to Wilson—just Abramoff.

Again, this is another instance of Wilson taking money from Republican insiders that are alleged to breaking the law in their quest for power. Something is obviously wrong with the Congresswoman’s judgment or she has fallen victim to the corrupt culture in Washington DC.

This likely means that every year he contributed to Wilson, Abramoff probably showed up to a Wilson event and sought to contact her. Why else does a lobbyist contact a Congressperson.? They want something.

Makes you wonder. How many meetings did Abramoff have with Wilson? What did he ask for? What did he get in return for his contributions? Did he get what he wanted?

Who is Wilson associating with when she travels to Washington .. . .?


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