Monday, September 12, 2005

Wilson--A Sanitary Existence

Just an amuzing fact. Congresswoman Heather Wilson's staff is made to carry hand sanitizer with them when traveling to meetings with Congresswoman Wilson.

Hand Sanitizer? What's even better is the story of her staffer that got chewed out by Wilson for forgetting the sanitizer. Where is the F---ing hand sanitizer, dammit!

Makes you think whether she really is in touch with her constituents or more likely, afraid to get close to them. Eeww! Wouldn't want to touch those unsanitary New Mexico voters!


Blogger Political Guru said...

Do you really believe this or did some militant tell you this? Have you even met her? She would never talk to people in that manner.

This never happened and I think you are probably (although I am not sure) intellegent enough to know it didn't happen too.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Jim Baca said...

Using hand sanitizer is ok. Politicians, even disappointing ones like Heather, should be able to protect themselves from viruses. Most politicos get a lot of colds and similar infections because of the amount of people they come in contact with.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

Political GUru -- Obviously you are some sort of Wilson apologist. This info came from someone close to Wilson who probably is a millitant (right-wing, that is). So, there ya go.

And Jim,I agree, but you know, use the hand sanitizer out of the view of the public. The image of in full public view cleaning your hands after touching the public, is probably not a good image.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Political Guru said...

Militant right wing staffers won't work for Heather. The term they use in DC is that she is a "squish" because she isn't considered a "true Republican." They don't like that she voted in favor of increasing education spending, for government funding of stem cell research, and forced them to back down on Medicaid cuts.

The Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee tried to kick her off his committee because she wasn't "Republican" enough.

The National Journal, the most reputable political journal in DC rated her at the 50th percentile of Members of Congress. That means half of Congress is to her left, half is to her right, not even close to the militant right wing of the party. The National Education Association gave her campaign money last cycle (check, even though they gave 10 times more to Democrats.

It is laughable when people try and say she is a right-winger and just "goes along" because the evidence just isn’t there.

I am sure that you have better ways of going after Heather than laughable claims that she is a "right-winger" and made up stories about hand sanitizer.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

I was right, you are a heather appologist (or a staffer . . .)!

I love it when you folks try to drag out the old, "heather's an independent " line.

Let me tell the other side of the story. The #1 attack that worked against heather in the '04 elections was that she wasn't independent and voted 94% of thime with the Press--according to the Congressional record.

Heather voted FOR $20 billion in Medicaid cuts, then (under pressure from people in her state) voted for $10 billion instead. You're trying to sell that somehow that is good for the state? She still voted to massively cut Medicaid. If she was independent and believed in something she would have voted against it, period.

The Energy committee story was made up and created by heather's office. Not one source within the Energy and Commerce committee was able to back up Heather's claim she was being kicked off the committee for being too independent. The story was completely fabricated by Wilson's office to try to create the facade of independence.

Finally, she has voted to cut head start and other educational programs and shift them over to programs under the president's No Child Left Behind Act and then called it an increase in funding. What a fib that was.

To say she's independent because she received a contribution from one labor organzation doesn't make her an independent.

It's laughable. But I never underestimate the Wilson PR machine that began its sham with a paid PR staffer on the CYFD payroll when wilson was head of CYFD--Glenn Smith. Maybe I'll share that story sometime soon.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Political Guru said...

It would be nice if you had any clue what you were talking about. How can you vote 94% with the President??? HE DOESN'T GET TO VOTE YOU CHE GUEVARA WEARING IDIOT!!! The claim the Democrats made (if you are going to spout rhetoric, please get the rhetoric right) she voted 92% with Republican Leadership. I mean really, how hard is it for you to cut and paste the talking points??? The mitigating thing about those numbers is that over 70% of the votes on the House Floor are non-partisan (suspension of the rules) votes. That means Nancy Pelosi, the socialist from San Francisco voted over 70% of the time with Republican leadership. Kind of makes your rhetoric look like garbage.

Again, the National Journal ranked Heather as the dead middle of the House and their measurement is probably the best and most accurate one because it takes key votes throughout the year and weights them on importance. Do you have access to this article??? If you want I will post a copy for you so maybe you can get it right next time. Perhaps I am being too hopeful…

Roll Call did an entire article about the attempt to kick her off the Committee that included sources on the Committee, not in Heather’s office. I can get that for you if it would make you feel better. Before you come up with conspiracy theories perhaps you should look at the chronology, not just make up a story that fits with your far left ideology.

She never voted to move Head Start over to the Department of Education. There was never a vote on moving Head Start. The President proposed it but it didn’t even make it out of the Education and Workforce Committee (which Heather is not a member of.) This is all easily verifiable, but you are too lazy to check your facts. Not only that, The National Head Start Association worked with her on an amendment to increase Head Start funding.


Tom, maybe this is a wakeup call. Please check your facts before talking. You are selling your blog as a "New Mexico Politics" site, and people who are not as ignorant as you will probably periodically check in from time to time and spank you around a few times. If you want to be a “Left Wing Nut” blog, please rename your blog accordingly so nobody will mistake it for anything else.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

Again, it's nice to see an attempt to spew the Heather Wilson independent line, or the "congress is too complicated" for ordinary folks to understand story--that's the kind of arrogance that keep the Congresswoman's unfavorable ratings high.

If you want to try to sell that the President's agenda is different from the House Republican leadership, you gotta be crazy.

On the Roll Call article you cite, there was no quote attributable to the Chairman of the Committee or his staff. And, yes, I'd love to see you provide that and prove this wasn't a story created by wilson.

I love your attempt to try to say Heather supports head start. Let me cite a couple of stats:

In 1999, she voted for the FY00 GOP budget resolution, which cut funding for the Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program by $589 million - more than one million low-income women and children would have lost nutrition assistance.

In 1999, Wilson voted in support of H Con Res 68 – the GOP FY00 budget resolution, which cut Head Start funding by $226 million, and would have denied 100,000 children Head Start access

In 2003, Wilson voted against adding funding for Native American, migrant and seasonal Head Start programs.

In July 2003, Wilson also voted against the Democratic Head Start proposal, which prohibited religious organizations that operated Head Start programs from considering religion as a factor in hiring teachers and dropped an a pilot program to allow eight states to coordinate their state preschool programs with Head Start centers.

She's a great beliver in Head Start, no?

I don't have a "far left ideology." I have a desire for honest politicians that tell the truth and don't try to scam the voters of new mexico. A good example would be Wilson's horrible stance on social security that is, essentially, not only a non-position on one of the biggest issues of our time, but one that was developed from the GOP talking points in an obvious attempt to deceive voters.

Heather's no dummy, she has cast a few votes that she cites as an example of her independence and she obviously will try to beat voters in the head with that information. But a few token votes won't cover-up the fact that she votes the party line.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

You know, I'm reminded, before I forget, of Jim Baca's comment above that "most politicians,even disappointing ones like Heather ..., should be able to protect themselves from viruses"

Takes me back to last flu season, when states accross the nation were running out of flu vaccine and Heather Wilson used her Congressional position to make sure she got her shot before New Mexico and the nation got theirs. HEre's that story:

Last Update: 10/20/2004 10:40:03 PM
By: Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - Some Congressional leaders received flu shots at a makeshift clinic set up in a senator’s office.

The shot clinic occurred two days after federal officials announced there would be a shortage and urged healthy adults to forgo shots so that children, the chronically ill and people 65 and older could get vaccinated.

Senator Pete Domenici, a 72-year-old Republican, got his flu shot last week. Domenici meets the age criteria.

Senator Jeff Bingaman, a 61-year-old Democrat, did not get a flu shot. A spokeswoman says he chose to forgo the shot against a Senate physician’s advice.

Representative Tom Udall, a 56-year-old Democrat, did not receive a flu shot this year.

Representative Heather Wilson, a 43-year-old Republican, received a shot before officials announced the shortage and after a
congressional physician said shots were available.

Representative Steve Pearce did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

7:44 PM  
Blogger Political Guru said...

Congress only gets too complicated for people to understand when people like you misrepresent things. You obviously didn’t learn from your misstatements I pointed out in your earlier FEMA posting.

The Congressional Budget Resolution which you site 3 or 4 times as “cutting” programs doesn’t do anything like that. PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE learn to get this straight. The budget resolution does not fund programs, or even mention any specific programs. Your “cuts” are made up numbers by people trying to make a point. Appropriations bills fund programs and Head Start has never been cut. Really Tom, it isn’t that hard. You are just to intellectually lazy to want to get it right.

You really slaughtered the Head Start argument. She did support coordination between State and Federal Head Start in states that spent at least 50% as much as the Federal Government (New Mexico spends 3%) because those programs were being redundant and were doubling up on administration costs. While I know you are all for big government, sometimes you can serve more kids more effectively when you coordinate.

As I said on the FEMA posting, FEMA spending has almost doubled under Bush so if you want to correct your previous mistake, it would improve your credibility. The talk of “cuts” to FEMA were made up and based on faulty math.

There we actually a few articles about Heather getting kicked off the Committee, and they included statements from Leadership offices and Committee staff. Why would Heather make up a whole story like that anyway, it isn’t exactly flattering in DC to have your Committee Chairman against you. Plus, if it was all made up Heather would have been able to stay on Armed Services. Instead the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee wouldn’t sign her waiver to be on two “A” Committees to force her hand. Tom, do you believe Elvis is still alive because you are obviously a fan of conspiracy theories.

Show me data that Heather is not independent. You have spewed out a misleading 92% number that I have sent back because even the far left vote over 70% with the Republican leadership because of suspension of the rules. I have stated you the National Journal article that says that Heather is right in the middle. Congressional Quarterly has also said she was one of the top 10 Republicans most likely to vote against her party. Find an objective source that says she far to the right. You won’t find one because it doesn’t exist.

And Tom, you are way to the left. You have a history and people know you. Please don’t try and say you are just trying to find honesty, because you have dedicated your entire blog to screwing up the truth and citing partisan talking points and calling them facts, and very little time on getting it right.

8:30 AM  
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