Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wilson Personal Ties to FEMA Make It Less Likely She'll Hold Them Accountable

New Mexicans shouldn't count on Congresswoman Heather Wilson to do much in the Congress to hold FEMA accountable for the slow response in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Wilson's House Financial Disclosures and FEMA contract records indicate that her husband was recently awarded a contract of nearly $100,000 from FEMA.

I'm not sure what her husband, an attorney who works on personal injury suits on behalf of insurance companies, is doing getting a contract from FEMA. But it shows that maybe FEMA isn't spending their money in the best possible way if they are putting local attorneys on the FEMA payroll. Maybe that money could have been spent on a few bottles of water for the people suffering in New Orleans.

It does appear that Hone is involved heavily in the Boy Scouts. Perhaps the Scouts are being developed as part of FEMA's emergency response?

Another strike against FEMA and Heather Wilson and another example of Wilson's husband screwing up her political career (remember the secret Wilson CYFD file during the 1998 campaign?)


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