Thursday, September 29, 2005

Will Wilson Return $50,000 in DeLay Contributions?

Republican House Majority Leader Tom Delay has been indicted by a Texas Grand jury over allegations of impropriety related to his fundraising activities in recent years. The focus of the investigation was DeLay’s state Pac “TRM PAC.” If DeLay skirted the law in his Texas state dealings, doesn’t it seem logical that the next shoe to drop is an investigation of wrongdoing with his federal PAC “ARM PAC”?

Let’s get back to New Mexico and our “independent” Republican Congresswoman, Heather Wilson. If you believe what Wilson tells the voters, she’s never met Tom Delay, doesn’t get along with him and she is the victim of his efforts to thwart her “independence.”

Since she first ran for Congress in 1998, Heather Wilson has received over $50,000 in contributions from DeLay’s Political Action Committee (she received $10,000 this year, while the investigation into DeLay intensified). Doesn’t sound like Tom DeLay is upset with Heather Wilson or thinks she is “too independent” does it?

I wonder, given the current trend towards returning contributions made to state candidates by Treasurer Robert Vigil and his associates, whether Heather Wilson will step up to the plate, show her real independence and return the $50,000 contributed to her by Tom DeLay now that he has been indicted. If you believe that Robert Vigil lorded over tainted money and the recipients of those funds should return them, doesn't the same reasoning apply to Wilson and DeLay?

If she was so independent, she would have turned down the money in the first place.


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