Friday, September 16, 2005

Domenici is Running Again

Much to the chagrin of aspiring US Senators from the state of New Mexico, Senator Pete Domenici is planning a run for another term in office. Domenici's seat is up again in 2008.

In Domenici's close circles he has made it be know that he is planning a run. Domenici reportedly shared this privately with supporters in Farmington that he plans to run again and Domenici's staff is buzzing with the news. Domenici has not slowed his fundraising pace either.

This is a bit of a downer for many in New Mexico politics who were planning a run or speculating on dream races to replace Senator Domenici: Congresswoman Wilson vs. Congressman Udall or Wilson versus Congressman Steve Pearce in a primary, or Patsy Madrid versus Mayor Marty Chavez in a Dem primary.

Those dreams and speculations might have to be put on hold.


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