Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wilson, Pearce: How's Your President Doin'?

The Congressional seats held by Heather Wilson and Stevan Pearce have been considered competitive in the eyes of most naitonal political observers. Although, Pearce and Wilson have been able to fend off democratic opponents without too much difficulty.

But then again, they have run recently in what have been good years for the national Republican Party and George W. Bush. They have also been stalwart supporters of the President and his agenda. With the President's approval ratings in the tank and with the Iraq war slowly falling apart, what kind of effect will that have on contested Congressional districts held by republicans?

Pearce and Wilson should be looking over their shoulder, their races look more and more enticing to Democrats and the national democratic party as things for the President get worse.

What was supposed to be a boring year in New Mexico's Congressional races, may get a little more exciting.


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