Tuesday, July 19, 2005

With Judge Roberts on the Court, I Guess We'll Have That Baby Now

After the announcement that President Bush will nominate conservative justice John Roberts to the court the structure of the Supreme Court will certainly change and many national issues will be affected.

But closer to home, a friend of mine called with the news and showed why the nomination of Roberts to the Supreme Court has a direct, personal effect on many that we don't always realize.

"With this Roberts thing, my husband and I are are moving up the plans for the baby" my friend said in a panic. In her opinion, if she and her husband don't have the child they want to have in the next year they risk going through a pregnancy under the reality of a new Supreme Court that will change the choices available to young parents today. More conservative judges on the Supreme Court will result in the inevitable roll-back of laws that provide parents with any reproductive choices.

"What if there's problems, I mean, with the baby? These guys on the Court don't care." Her fears are valid. Conservative jurists like Roberts feel that there is no justification for the termination of a pregnancy at an point, despite the heath of the mother, despite the health of the baby.

Times are changing and intelligent, informed observers of the political atmosphere are in the position of making very difficult decisions. Welcome to the new reality.


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