Saturday, July 16, 2005

Patricia Madrid-Running or Not?

The speculation around whether attorney General Patricia Madrid will run or not run for the 1st Congressional District increased yesterday as invitations to a fundraiser for Madrid's Political Action Committee, "Justice for America" hit New Mexicans' mailboxes.

For someone planning to run for Congress, it is unusual to start raising money for their political action committee as opposed to raising money to run for Congress. Madrid had a total balance of $126,000 in her PAC account as of the end of May. So why does she need more?

More importantly, Madrid's PAC is a soft-money PAC that is not allowed to contribute or "play" in federal races. McCain/Feingold places strict limits on spending money like this in anything related to a federal race. So, clearly this is a PAC meant to be used in New Mexico state elections and not federal elections. If she runs for Congress and attempts to spend her PAC money to bolster her Congressional bid, she will fall under serious scrutiny.

Just looking at those factors seem to point to Madrid not running in a U.S. House race and limiting herself to in-state activities. Also affecting Madrid's decision is the Green Party's interest in getting involved in the 1st CD race, especially if Madrid is the democrat's nominee. The Green Party still harbors ill-will towards Madrid after, as AG, she opined against the Green Party in various situations that reduced their party status.

So, is Madrid focusing on another race?


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