Saturday, July 30, 2005

Griego Should Oust Espinosa from Mayor's Race

Albuquerque Mayoral candidates filed their petition signatures yesterday at city hall and all had enough to qualify at face value. But the Journal reports that the City Clerk has been dismissing many signatures as invalid.

Candidates Judy Espinosa and David Steele had barely met the number needed to get on the ballot and with the Clerk dismissing many invalid signatures from petitions, these two candidates run the risk of being booted from the race.

If the Clerk fails to find enough invalid signatures to remove Espinosa from the ballot, Mayoral candidate Eric Griego should consider challenging her signatures further and see if he can invalidate enough of her signatures. It might be worth his while to have Espinosa off the ballot and leave himself as the only viable democrat alternative to Mayor Chavez.

In fact, Griego might even want to make sure Steele stays off the ballot as well. A three man race is much more attractive to Griego than a four-man race. Assuming Winter and Chavez go toe-to-toe and raise each other's negatives, Eric could have a change of gaining votes as the alternative to the two nasty campaigners and could make it into a run-off.

What happens in the next few days and the construction of who is on the Mayoral ballot will have a big impact on the Mayor's race.


Blogger Jim Baca said...

There is a fallacy that Judy leaving he race helps Griego. Her vote will split up amongst the others one way or another and Eric probably wont be the big winner from it.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Tom Bailey's New Mexico Politics said...

Jim, That certainly could be the case. But it seems that Judy is spending her time trying to appeal to the same progressives as Eric and those folks she has brought to her side I would assume would search for a progressive alternative should Judy get out.

But I could be wrong. We'll see, but I still think that Judy cannot raise the money or assemble the campaign to be competative in this race.

8:25 PM  

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