Monday, July 25, 2005

Brad Winter's Rovian Strategy

On tonight's news, City Councilor Brad Winter attacked the Albuquerque Police Chief and the Mayor on the number and distribution of forces in the City.

Winter's attack could be a smart one.

Noted political advisor Karl Rove made a name for himself in campaigns by attacking his opponent's perceived greatest strength. One needs to look no further than Rove's strategy to attack Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry on his war record, which was always thought to be untouchable. As we all know, Bush's attacks on Kerry's war record were successful.

On a smaller scale, Winter (who is running for Mayor) is attacking Mayor Martin Chavez on his record on crime. Chavez won his 1993 Mayor's race based on his stance on crime. He road the crime issue to victory again in 2001 and that issue remains not only his strongest, but the one with the greatest resonance with moderate voters--the same voters Winter is vying for.

Chavez should learn something from John Kerry's campaign and fight back early and often and retain his advantage on the issue of crime.


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