Thursday, July 07, 2005

Are we being set-up on the Gonzales nomination?

Call me conspiratorial, but I 'm just wondering if we are being set-up by the President.

If you notice, hardly 2 hours after Justice O'Connor announced her resignation, conservative groups immediately denounced the potential nomination of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to the post on the basis that he wasn't conservative enough.

Is this a tactic of the White House? Make sure the message gets out that Gonzales is too conservative, so when the Democrats in the Senate accuse him of being conservative while considering his nomination, the Republicans and the White House can point to all the conservative groups that coincidentally have come out and said that he's not conservative enough?

Notice how Gonzales hasn't exactly come out and said, "I enjoy being Attorney General and what to finish the job I was just recently appointed to." He's left the door open to his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Given that the White House has planned out their Supreme Court strategy for months, do you think they aren't orchestrating this whole thing in concert with these Conservative organizations?

Something to ponder . . . .


Blogger KathyF said...

You aren't the only one thinking this today.

4:15 PM  
Blogger R2K said...

Well one thing worthy of note is this:

Abortion will not be overturned. So I think liberals are really distracted by that issue. If most democrats support something, and half of republicans do as well, the supreme court is not going to dump it.

So we need to worry about other more important issues than abortion. The conservatives win when the small but famous issues like gays become the top of the list. Lets get back to the economy, education, security, uh several wars in the middle east...

5:59 PM  

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