Wednesday, June 08, 2005

BRAC politics gets worse with Wilson

Heather Wilson represents the 1st Congressional District, consisting of Albuquerque and a couple of its surrounding areas. Last time I checked she didn't represent Clovis, NM. Congressman Tom Udall represents Clovis.

But in the warm up to the battle to fill Pete Domenici's Senate seat in 2008 (when he presumably retires) Wilson is making frequent forays into Congressional districts that aren't her own to try to raise her state-wide profile.

She took it upon herself last Friday to head out to Clovis and let people know how she feels about the closure of Cannon Air Force Base and offer, basically, nothing new to the discussion on how to keep Cannon but to get her mug in front of Clovis community leaders. Read the article in the Clovis News (link).

Wilson almost looked disappointed the other day when the Defense Department announced that Kirtland Air Force Base wasn't on the list for closure: disappointed that she wouldn't have an issue in the upcoming congressional race that would profile her military background. So, she heads for Clovis. Somehow, I think there's enough for her to do in Albuquerque.

2nd District Congressman Stevan Pearce must be waiting for the inevitable Wilson trip to Alamogordo and Holloman Air Force Base where they will be the beneficiary of her, ahem, tremendous knowledge. Pearce, who has run for the U.S. Senate and is undoubtedly looking at the Domenici seat, is already stewing from a recent Wilson trip to Southern New Mexico and Las Cruces conveniently scheduled while Pearce was out of the state on vacation.

I can't think of another state where members of Congress travel regularly to other members' districts on Congressional business. But, I guess things are different in New Mexico.

If good taste and tact were issues in the 2008 Senate race, Wilson would already be at a disadvantage.


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