Monday, May 16, 2005

Wal Marting w/Mario

Mario Burgos, local conservative blogger has a post describing of abhorant activity between neighborhoods and labor unions to stop Wal Mart (link). Apparently, Mr. Burgos believes that anything that labor unions do is inherently wrong and they are not allowed to discuss the rights of people that work at Wal Mart or discuss the fact that Wal Mart is a bad employer.

Mr. Burgos' defense of Wal Mart couldn't be more timely as the Wal Mart who is fighting the community in Flagstaff, Arizona released a horrible nespaper ad comparing Wal Mart opposition to Nazi book burning. Bad taste for sure.

Here's the link on Wonkette's blog (link). and the story in the Washington Post. (Link)

Mario could maybe find some better industries to pimp for. If only things could be as simple for us as they are in Mario's mind: labor unions, bad -- big industry, good. Community organizing, bad--selfishness, good.


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