Monday, May 09, 2005

Pobrecita Heather, Social Security is catching up to you . . . has announced that they will begin running ads on Spanish TV against Heather Wilson’s stance, or lack thereof, on Social Security. (link) The Hispanic population is one group that the President has foun is somewhat responsive to his plans for Social Security.

This brings to the forefront again Heather’s ongoing saga with the Social Security issue that just seems to keep tripping her up, over and over again.

If you haven’t followed it, Heather was caught recently trying to pull a fast one on voters with her nuanced position on the president’s Social Security plan:

Josh Marshall, a noted blogger, (link) revealed that certain Republicans were using the same nuanced position as Wilson on Social Security. Which is, that she is opposed to the government investing Social Security funds in the stock market. This is of course, different from the President’s plan, which is to have individuals invest funds in the market. Having the government invest the funds is not even part of the discussion. But Heather has used semantic gymnastics to avoid the question.

In 1998, Wilson said that she does support allowing individuals to invest Social Security funds in the stock market. Now, apparently she doesn’t. (link)

Wilson got caught in a rhetorical dodge that she still uses today--her press seretary used it the other day on KUNM. No one, and I challenge anyone, can get Heather Wilson on record about the President’s plan. Josh Marshall tried and got into a pretty hilarious exchange with a Wilson press person.

Heather is in a bind because a good number of constituents in her district are seniors who oppose the President’s plans and she needs these seniors to back her reelection. Her revolving position on Social Security is much like her flip-flop recently on Medicaid (see below).

I have to admit I felt some sympathy for Heather while watching the President news conference the other day when he stated he would continue his fight for private accounts. Heather has to be hoping and wishing that this issue will die. I mean, for how long can she hold out using this bogus position?

The bad news for Heather is that now TV ads will begin and she will be asked her position on Social Security and the questions will get tougher as the issue gets hotter. Heather will have to fish or cut bait, as they say. She'll search for the perfect position that loses her zero votes but that can be tough with such a high profile issue. U.S. House Republican Bill Thomas hopes to bring a bill to a vote this summer. Cuidado, Heather.


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