Monday, May 02, 2005

Plagiarizin' Pearce


From Saturday's El Defensor Chieftain on Congressman Steve Pearce:

"To some, this may not seem important, but there are significant legal and ethical questions involved. Equally important, however, we believe his constituents expect the congressman to voice his own thoughts, not parrot someone else's."

What's wonderful about our right-wing politicians these days is their independence of thought, their ability to shun the confines of their party's agenda and strike out on their own and carve new paths into the ideological future.

Yea, right.

If you needed any more evidence that some of our Conservative elected officials (Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce for example), are tools of the conservative interest groups that put them in office, consider Pearce's latest rant he stole, ahem, borrowed, from the conservative Heritage Foundation, as exposed by the Socorro Defensor chieftain.

Here's how it happened .. . .

--Pearce read this Heritage Foundation article by Charli Coon entitled "Congressional Mandates Contribute to Higher Gas Prices" (Link)

--Pearce constructs a column to be sent out to the district (which he calls "straight talk" --no joke) containing paragraphs from the article, not quoted and not indicating that they were lifted from the Heritage article.

--Congressman Pearce Sends the column out to the district, it's picked up by the Socorro newspaper and they run it.

--The paper runs a letter to the editor from an astute reader (who is this person, by the way?) who noticed the verbatim similarities between Pearce's Column and the Heritage Foundation article (Link)

--The Socorro Defensor Chieftain runs their own admission that Pearce's Column was plagiarized, in their professional opinion, and expresses their disgust with the Congressman. (link)

. . . And we all join in and echo that disgust. How many local papers received this column about energy policy? How is it that a Congressman who is from a major energy producing district cannot even express his own original thoughts about a major piece of legislation like the Energy Bill? How lazy, or perhaps uninformed do you have to be? I guess we have the answer. . . Is this Pearce guy ready for prime time?


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