Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pearce's Sweetheart Land Deal

It's good to be a friend of Congressman Steve Pearce.

Read the Alamogordo News' story on the Pearce/Rabon Family land swap (link) The Journal ran a similar story, but put it on the last page of the "A" section where no one would see it. The Alamogoro paper will have a more extensive piece on the land exchange on Sunday.

The Rabon family gave thousands to Pearce's two campaigns for U.S. House. What did they get for it? A great deal on some great land near Holloman Air Force Base.

How much did the Rabon clan contribute to Pearce?

Randy $2,133
Jeff $2,583
Tim $2,633
Cheri $1,000

Grand total: $8,349 This info came from (link)

Hopefully everything will get out on this story.


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