Friday, May 06, 2005

Pearce feels the Pressure--evades responsibility for plagiarism

As we posted on the blog the other day, Congressman Pearce did indeed lift material from the Hertage Foundation for his editorials around the state ironically called "Straight talk." The astute reader of the El Defensor Chieftain who unveiled the incident wrote another letter on May 4 recounting another incident of Pearce Plarigism.

From the El Defensor Chieftain:

Wednesday, May 4, 2005
Letters to the editor

Another faux pas
This is a footnote to my April 27 Letter to the Editor regarding Rep. Steve Pearce's plagiarism of much of the text in his Defensor Chieftain article on the Republican energy bill.
It appears that his March (19) El Defensor Chieftain article on Social Security was also lifted en masse from other sources — in this case, either the Republican National Committee Points or the National Federation of Republican Women Political Briefing. (I imagine the latter stole it from the former.) Much of the text of the article is identical to text at those sources.
Jan Deininger

Pearce appologized for the first incident (link), the Chieftain accepted it and Pearce tried to pass blame on to his Press Secreatry.

Of course this is an embarassment for New Mexico. The Pearce incident was covered in press around the nation.

Funny to watch these Republicans, who are so into "personal responsibility," take no responsibility. Especially when it comes to lying, stealing and cheating. Even better is watching the Republicans allow their staff to take the fall for them. Is Pearce showing a little vulnerability here?


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