Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Now,Brad Winter for Mayor?!

I posted information yesterday from ABQ conservative blogger Mario Burgos' site (link) that former City Councilor Mike McEntee is running for Mayor of Albuquerque.

Now I hear, via Jim Scarantino's blog (link) that Councilor Brad Winter is being pushed into the race by people like Heather Wilson and Pete Domenici.

The popular opinion is that there are 4 or more Democrats (including the incumbent Mayor) running and the entrance of one Republican would bring that candidate a substantial number of votes just based on the fact that they are Republican (although, this didn't seem to work for republican Mike McEntee in the 2001 Mayors race when the NM GOP endorsed him and he only received 11% of the vote).

It's not that simple. Take a poll today, and Marty Chavez could be identified by 90% of the electorate. On the other hand, Winter could be identified by about 11%.

A quick quiz: name one thing Winter has done as a City Councilor . . . . . . . . . . . I think I made my point.

People know what they are getting with Mayor Chavez and they've liked it enough to elect him twice. Whether you like his personality or not. Marty has run on being a crime fighter and an administrator and he runs well with moderates in the near heights and the West side. Not to mention, he has spent a lot of time bringing Republican donors to his side.

Winter has to do the heavy lifting here. He has to bring his name identification up and let voters know who he is and has to hope that Marty and others don't define who he is first. He also has to tolerate people digging into his personal life and his record (or lack thereof). I wonder if Winter's heart is really in for a tough race like this. He's been the Republican's dream candidate for a while and apparently needed a lot of convincing to get into the race. So, is this guy really ready to run? Does he really want to be Mayor?

Who knows whether McEntee will enter the race or not. Certainly ultra-conservatives want him to. If he gets in and runs against Winter, it could get really interesting. . .


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