Sunday, May 15, 2005

NM Republicans MIA

The Repubican Party of New Mexico held their convention on Saturday. They re-elected Chairman Alan Weh. Apparently, they had no one else who wanted the job.

Weh was lauded up and down by Party faithful as a successful Chair. Success as defined by filing to win seats in the legilsture in 2004 and relying on the RNC to pull your party through the Presidential election and Heather Wilson's race with a strategy that didn't involve the State Party.

Even more laughable, or embarassing, was the Party's obvious lack of candidates for major races in the state, including Governor and U.S. Senator. The Albuquerque Journal reported today that the Party was thinking of running a physician, J.R. Damron, against Richardson (Damron has never held or run for public office) and David Pfeffer for the U.S. Senate. (link) I'm sure Democrats are eager to run a Senate race against a handle-bar moustached candidate with a mullet (or is that more of a Sammy Hagar hairdo?) that hangs out with the Minutemen. (link)

This is what happens when your party leaders are too old to run for anything, the party is fractured and your bench consists of: a bunch of right wing ideologues who can't get elected statewide (Rep. Dan Foley, Sen. Rod Adair, Bernalillo County Sherriff Darren White, US Attorney David Iglesias) guys who have been in trouble with the law (Representative Greg Payne, Former Rep. Joe Thompson) or former flight attendants (NM Gov. nominee John Sanchez). Where's the Republicans next Pete Domenici or former Gov. Gary Carruthers? Doesn't seem to be any one of that caliber around.

Good luck guys!


Blogger KathyF said...

How, oh how did these guys win NM for Bush?

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