Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jeff Garner/Gannon/Guckert

The ABQ Tribune's Conservative Shrill

Jeffrey Gardner, the Albuquerque Tribune Columnist, bears a striking resemblance in appearance and style to Jeff Guckert/Gannon. You remember him, the Republican operative who was given White House Press pass and lobbed a softball question to the Pres? (link)

His recent column on “Hapless Dems” is just the kind of dribble the White House ordered and Gardner seems to be more than willing to peddle the White House, conservative philosophy that the President is the man with all the great ideas and the dems are nothing but obstructionist. (Link)

If anyone buys this argument, they clearly haven’t given it any thought. Garner for his own part maintains a blissful ignorance of how our government works.

Dems have great ideas, creative ideas, hundreds upon hundreds of bills waiting to be heard. Do the Republicans in the Congress give them a hearing? Absolutely not. Why would Republicans want to hear about innovative health care ideas that increase access to services, cover the uninsured or enhance the quality of our medical services. Why would they want to increase funding to back up their under funded No Child Left Behind Act (that was passed with democrat, obstructionist support). Democrats want to address the deficit, create an economic plan to deal with downturns in manufaturing and shipping jobs overseas. Republicans don't want to talk about that!

Need more Jeff? Ok. Democrats, yes Democrats (Joe Lieberman, to be exact) proposed the Department of Homeland Security. The “obstructionist” Democrats joined the President to pass it.

What Garner and the White House need is a villain, and Dems are the villain. They can't simply get things accomplished on their own, they need to scare Americans and use the dems to frighten them into buying into the President's schemes. They seem to forget that republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House. They run the show! But the President still can’t get what he wants. That’s ineptitude for you.

By the way, what's a conservative like Gardner doing writing for the liberal Albuquerque Tribune? Jeff's column this week is about morality and self-indulgent Americans (link). Now, what can you say about a guy who hates the liberal media, but writes for a liberal paper? Talk about morality and self indulgence. Guess you can throw principles aside as long as someone's sending you a check.

Oh, and Dems have a plan for Social Security.

It’s called Social Security.


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