Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Greg Payne--A bitter, bitter, expanding man

Some guys don't know when to quit.

State Representative and former ABQ City Councilor Greg Payne now has a blog. (link) Lord help us.

I guess there are second acts in politics, as bad as those second acts may be. Payne's blog seems dedicated to name-calling, trashing elected officials and kissing ass with those he's trying to get in good with. Payne has taken to criticizing Councilor Martin Heinrich's wardrobe, his job, and his family. Nice guy, this Payne.

Anywhere outside of his safe ultra-Republican district, Payne the politician would be subject to a pummeling. Payne's rap sheet is a wonder to many and includes the now infamous coke-can throwing incident (when a drunk Payne threw a full coke can at an unsuspecting bicycle rider from a moving car), a restraining order, various calls to the police, unpaid debts, suspicious ethics as a City Councilor . . . you get the point.

But hey, I'm sure he has found God, and everything should be forgiven.

Payne is obviously bitter as he likely feels he was mistreated in the press during his council term for his various missteps. So, the blog is his revenge, of sorts.

I hope the Republican Party continues to back, support and develop its young leaders like Greg Payne. Democrats could only be so lucky if Greg Payne is what the Republican party has to offer for the future. Heck, The NM GOP should bring back former State Sen. Skip Vernon and former Bernalillo County Assessor Kirk Anderson and run those guys for some Republican offices with Payne. A real Dream Team! (for a prosecutor, at least).


Blogger The Voice said...

Every constituency gets the kind of public official they deserve. If Payne's electorate chooses to bury their collective heads in the sand, so be it. This cretin with a proclivity for locker-room, jock scratching screeds will never amount to anything more outside his district because his support-base represents the narrow collective of paranoid, elitists who don't consider themselves part of 'common herd' called Albuquerque anyway.

In Greg Payne's part of town, in-your-face banty rooster antics are rewarded for one simple reason; the genteel elites living in the 'walled city' have an opportunity to live vicariously through their minion. He reflects a realization that they are rapidly becoming an endangered species. While they can't stop the march of destiny, that won't stop them from trying to either buy their way into a protected status or turn to bullying to protect their interests.

Yes, Greg Payne is annoying but really, who else is going to do the bidding of rich WASP's?

7:05 PM  
Blogger Seth Heath said...

Who the hell is Tom Bailey?

Oh wait, another self-important ass kissing liberal moron.

Sounds to me like he wishes he could be Joe Monahan but to bad for little Tommy no-one really cares what he has to say since he is a no-one. Get a life dude.

Your little anti-GOP tirades are nothing but partisan hackery. Wake up and smell the impending doom the liberal left is facing.

A Republican President, a Republican Senate and Republican House. But wait, that's because the rest of country is stupid and your right.

Keep up with your intellectual elitism and you will certain to be destined to political irrelevance.

8:13 AM  
Blogger The Voice said...

What a surly little man! Are all of Greg Payne’s supporters this foul mouthed?

I did not realize the New Mexico State Senate, House and Governor's office were all under Republican control. Maybe I should start trembling now.

Perhaps this self-acclaimed gourmand about town should avail himself of the manners his mamma surely taught him. I sincerely hope my children were raised better. Hopefully they will never talk so shamefully and rely on anonymity to spew such hatefulness.

Also, a spell checker on his blog site would be well-advised. For example, “allot” does not mean “a lot”- at least, not the way he uses it. Additionally, “Pellican” has only one “l.” It is an amusing read however. I highly advise you visit his site Albuquerque Entertainment to see what passes as educated Payne supporter these days.

My bet is the hungryman is a small tipper who prefers his food like his State Congressman; high volume over good taste.

The Roman Philosopher, Seneca once said,“Speech is an index of the mind.” Luckily he has been spared the joy of meeting Greg Payne and his more ardent albeit pedestrian supporters, because he would have probably ended up having a projectile hurled at him for such observation.

Lets see what four letter ‘coke cans’ he hurls this time!

Finally Mr. Hungryman, I am not, nor have I ever been Joe Monahan. Too bad, because he is a very astute man. Are you, or do you play Greg Payne at the Round House or anonymously when you snipe at others?

10:22 PM  
Blogger Seth Heath said...

So your a grad student huh? Must be why you like to worry about litle details like 1 or 2 l In pellican's. Much like is a B.J. really sex. Well not if your Bill Clinton.

Your blog is nothing more than left wing hackery. Are you trying to get the D's to give you a job once you finish granuate school?

What a sad state of education when A&S departments are overwhelmingly populated by left field biggots and hacks.

Hope you are able to move beyonf your juvenile tirades against the GOP. Mind you this state has been under D tirany for 70 years and where has it gotten us? Look at our neighbors and see how they stack up nationally. Until we can break the D stranglehold on the state we are destined to continue on our socialist way. Adios lefty.

8:50 AM  
Blogger The Voice said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:55 PM  
Blogger The Voice said...

Hungry man,

Your moronic attempts to sound like you are anything but a fascist pig are laughable. I am 45 and I have just finished up a distinguished career in law enforcement. Unlike cowardly wimps like you who live vicariously in Rocky movies, I have put my life on the line defending jackasses especially like you to exercise the right to spew hatred and veiled bigotry. I am not like your variety who like to talk the tough-guy bravado. My bet is you are as much of a tough-guy as you are poor speller. Men like you make me laugh because you try to look tough but it is all smoke and mirrors. You are such a wimp. You could not fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

Thanks for plugging my blog site A Voice In The Wilderness. I appreciate it. Let the readership be the judge if what I write is hackery or not. Let them also see your site , Albuquerque Entertainment as an example of what passes as light-weight, rightwing bullshit. I hope they do visit your website and see what a mental midget you are.

As I already have received my degrees in Biochemistry and History, I have no need to return to school. I have three very successful businesses in this town and Santa Fe.

The only time your rants jump above two syllables is when you parrot Sean H’anally and Bill O’Rumply. If you have heartburn with people who have educations, go back to school and try getting one. Finally, if you don’t want to look like a retard, use your spell-checker. Better yet, e-mail me sometime and I will gladly tutor you.

6:40 PM  
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