Friday, April 29, 2005

Medicaid Cut, Heather Flops, fippidy-floppidy

Heather, Heather, Heather,,,,,

The U.S. House last night passed its budget resolution, and , yes, Congresswoman Heather Wilson voted for it. Which means she voted FOR the proposed cuts to Medicaid. Let me say that again. Heather voted FOR the Medicaid cuts-- supported 'em, that's right, and don't believe otherwise. And that, ladies and gentlemen is not only a flip fop, but something like a flip-flop-flip, since she:

1. Voted for the Medicaid Cuts
2. Said she didn't support the Medicaid cuts in a letter to other House members
3. Voted for the Medicaid cuts

You probably won't read this in the Albuquerque Journal, but the Tribune got it: (link)

Heather voted for the original House Budget that contained billions in budget cuts. After she did that, she realized that her vote might be used against her in the campaign. So, then Heather authors a letter with her other House members opposing the cuts that she just voted for. Here's the letter: (link)

Heather used the letter in the media to claim her "indepedence" from the president. That got her a few positve press articles.

Not she's hoping we all didn't see last night's vote for the cuts.

Medicaid, by the way, pays for medical care for our nation's children and seniors. But why would Heather care about them? If you were here in 1998, you remember her claim to fame was putting poor children behind bars. But she's trying to get us to forget that.

What’s even more devious about Heather’s vote is that her vote plus one other would have defeated the Medicaid cuts, but she either didn’t have the guts to do that or doesn’t support Medicaid.

Now Heather is trying to sell to the folks that support Medicaid that she voted against the cuts in a “preliminary” vote . You can’t count heather as one of the independent Republicans that voted against it. Heather did make a chocked, teary-eyed speech on Medicaid on the floor last night. When in doubt, Heather, pull out the water works!

Here's the record:

--Voted for the cuts (H. Con Res. 95—Roll Call Vote #88)

--Issued a letter against the cuts (that she just voted for a few days earlier):If you want to actually read someone who is blatantly trying to pull the wool over our eyes, read Wilson’s letter: Everyone but 9 of the people that signed that letter voted against the Medicaid cuts! Read the letter above.

--Voted for the cuts (H. Con Res. 95—Roll Call Vote #149)

What does this woman believe in? For Medicaid? Against Medicaid? I might have more respect for her if she would just come out and say, “I don’t like the Medicaid program” and vote that way. She'll take the ambiguous path and say she wants to study it . . .

But she knows few people will go to any length to figure this out, most especially the New Mexico media. So, instead, she’s able to get away with it. In the process, she’s able to please everyone. Here's her political strategy on it:

--She pleases the President, the House Republican leadership and GOP activitst by voting for the GOP budget.

--She pleases the Health Care advocates (who support Medicaid) in New Mexico by letting them know (via her letter) how much she opposes these cuts and to ward off their criticism. They got the raw deal on this one.

--She pushes her message that she’s independent by citing her letter, which was in opposition to the GOP budget.

This has been her m.o. for years. Hopefully, people are catching on.


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